Transforming Warehouse Operations with AI Machine Vision

Dendri Design: Past Client Gradient Insight


Dendri Design Ltd is a leading innovator in AI technology, specializing in robotics and AI Machine Vision solutions. They develop advanced industrial robotic solutions to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.


  • They were developing a state-of-the-art AI Machine vision system to automate the operations of one the largest multinational retail and technology company warehouses.
  • The project entailed the creation and testing of a sophisticated quality control and Python application integrated with the AI vision system.
  • The project required detailed and precise development, which was demanding and labor intensive.
  • Previous collaborations with 9 different professionals from various parts of the world failed due to a lack of the required experience and inability to deliver results on time and specific to the system needs.


  • Introduction of a new quality control system: we integrated an advanced validation system into the AI model, boosting its accuracy and capabilities.
  • Enhanced system performance: the improvements led to increased resolution and overall performance of the AI vision system.
  • Our team provided swift and effective solutions to complex problems, ensuring minimal downtime.
  • The upgraded system resulted in enhanced efficiency and productivity in warehouse operations.
  • Considerable time savings for the client, allowing them to focus on other tasks.


  • Analyze the initial implementation of the client.
  • Design and implement an advanced quality control system with many individual checks for various conditions (presence, count, alignment, relative positions, colour…).
  • Create a UI with the capability to trace why a specific quality control element either fails or passes.

Gradient Insight Ltd has completed all tasks on time. The team has quick responses to complex problems and provides urgent feedback and assistance whenever needed. Their problem-solving skills stand out.

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