SEO Consulting Agency Improved AI Efficiencies by over 80%

Artios: Past Client of Gradient Insight


Artios, a data-driven SEO consulting agency led by Andrea Voniatis, with 20 years of experience and the author of “Data-Driven SEO with Python” accelerates ambitious businesses’ growth via organic search in the shortest time possible.


  • They faced inefficiencies in the SEO pipeline, specifically due to the demanding SERPS tokenization code, which required intensive calculations.
  • Slow performance and heavy workload for the team.
  • Despite skilled expertise of several engineers graduated from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and from a leading Scottish University, the code speed remained slow.
  • Seeking an AI consultant with not just technical knowledge, but also critical thinking, speed, and the ability to understand the context and business aspects.


  • Achieved a remarkable 50x improvement in code speed.
  • Revamped AI processes for clustering data, resulting in an impressive 80% efficiency increase.
  • Boost in overall productivity and team satisfaction.
  • Give the team the confidence to take on bigger projects from major enterprises such as Facebook.
  • Establish them as a leading provider of AI-driven solutions in the SEO industry.


  • Analyze the initial implementation of the SERPS tokenization.
  • Identify inefficiencies in the code and use advanced optimization techniques to dramatically speed up the code.

Working with Gradient Insight was a game changer for my business.

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