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Machine Learning & Self-Driving Cars: Bootcamp with Python

Combine the power of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision to make a self-driving car!

Why learn about self-driving cars?

To train you for big industries like autonomous vehicles, artificial industry, computer vision and IoT.

Why this course?

Learn from Industry Expert

All the learning materials and exercises have been designed with the objective of providing experience that useful in the industry

Learn by doing

While the theory is important, a hands-on approach has been proven by many studies to be the most effective and engaging way to learn

Learn anytime, anywhere

The course is hosted in Udemy, where you can view the lectures and interact with the community anytime, it even allows you to download the lectures for offline consumption

What You'll Learn

This online course enables you to make your own self-driving car with technologies used by Google, Tesla and Ford!


Master Machine Learning and Python.


Gentle introduction to Machine Learning where all the key concepts are presented in an intuitive way.


Learn to apply Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques to build automotive related algorithms.


Simulate a Self-Driving car in a realistic environment using multiple techniques.


Understand why Deep Learning is such a revolution and use it to make the car drive like a human (Behavioural Cloning).


Python lectures, starting from the very beginning, learn this simple but very powerful programming language

Course Content

  • How to Approach This Course – learning techniques, mindset
  • Make it Engaging – Use the tools at your disposition
  • Download the code of this course
Phyton (Optional)
  • Python Installation
  • Types in Python
  • Structures: List & Map
  • Operations (+, -, *, /)
  • Functions
  • Object Orient Programming (OOP)
  • Classes
  • Libraries / Modules
Phyton's Essential Libraries (Optional)
  • Introduction to Python Liraries
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • OpenCV
  • Other Libraries
Computer Vision
  • Introduction to Computer Vision
  • How Computer “See” Images
  • Kernel & Convolution
  • Image Processing with Kernels
  • Thresholding
  • Road Segmentation
  • Why Webots?
  • How to install Webots in Windows?
  • How to install Webots in Linux?
  • Webots too slow? (configuration)
  • Webots Code :explained
  • [Exercise]: Your Line Following Alrithm!
  • [Advanced] How to Read a Paper?
  • [Advanced] Paper: SIFT
Machine Learning
  • What’s Machine Learning?
  • Train, Predict & Evaluate
  • Types of Machine Learning
  • ML for Self-Driving Cars
Machine Learning Hands-On
  • Machine Learning Hands-On: Introduction
  • Feature Engineering
  • HOG
  • SVM
  • Performance Metrics
  • Download the Dataset
  • Code Explanation
  • [Exercise]: Modify the code
  • Useful ML Models
  • Bias Vs Variance
  • [Advanced] Paper: SVM
Colision Avoidance
  • Collision Avoidance: Introduction
  • Ranging Sensors
  • Cameras
  • Simulation
  • My Solution
  • [Exercise]: Your Solution
  • Path Planning
  • [Advanced] RRT Code
Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning: Introduction
  • How do Neural Networks Work?
  • How does a Neural Network Learn?
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Code Example
Deep Learning Hands-On
  • Deep Learning Hands-On: Introduction
  • Creating a Dataset
  • Training
  • See it drive!
  • [Exercise]: Train it yourself!
  • [Advanced] AlexNet
Control Theory
  • Why Learn Control Theory
  • Control Systems Map
  • Stability – Introduction
  • Stability – Missing in Machine Learning
  • Open and Closed Loop Control
  • Closed Loop Control – Cruise Control
  • PID – Introduction
  • PID Controller – Deep Dive
  • PID Controller – How to Tune it?
  • PID Controller – Why is it use SO much?
  • [Advanced] Paper: PID Controller Design

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About the author

Data Scientist & Robotics Engineer | CEO of Gradient Insight

I’ve always loved to teach, both of my parents are teachers and I’ve been teaching from a young age (it’s the family business). Given that I bought and loved many Udemy courses, I felt that it was time to try it out!

Currently I have my own company GRADIENT INSIGHT LTD where I offer Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Consulting services.

I truly believe that you should NEVER stop learning, if you have any comments/feedback about my course please give it to me, even if it’s not positive, it will help me to improve, and that’s what matters to me!

What our students have to say!

As an independent professional in the industry I need to keep current. I loved this course since it’s focused on the key topics around Machine Learning and AI. I highly recommend it, don’t skip the practical lectures, those provided the most value to me!

Image of a man with a virtual reality headset in black and white
Raul Pando

CEO, Bytegrity Ltd

I was mainly interested in Self-Driving Cars when I acquired this course, I loved the Collision Avoidance and Control Theory sections, specially when using the simulator. As a data scientist I loved that the Machine Learning topics were presented in such an intuitive way.

Image of an Indian woman in from of the beach

Dr. Priyanka Singh

Senior Data Scientist, Babcock

5/5 starts – I work with a team of Software Engineers and Data Scientists, this introduced me to both worlds in simple yet powerful way. Now I understand what the team is talking about and I’m not only better at my job, but I’m more engaged!

Photo of a smiling man, Charles King

Charles King

Systems Engineer, L3HARRIS

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