AI Coin Counting Boost ATMs Efficiency and User Experience

SLM Holdings: Past Client Gradient Insight


SLM Holdings, a leader in cutting-edge fintech solutions, is on a mission to revolutionize the digital banking landscape. Their latest project involves developing a groundbreaking product: a new-age ATM powered by artificial intelligence, promising advanced features to enhance the banking experience.


  • Many ATMs feature outdated coin counting systems, often limited to just four coin types, leading to decreased utility and user satisfaction.
  • Tradicional ATMs rely on mechanical coin counting system that are prone to breakdowns and require adjustments when currency formats change, leading to a system rebuild, high maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Need of a solution to count coins that wasn’t mechanically driven and wanted to incorporate technology that uses a camera for counting money faster and more accurately.
  • Tried to reach different providers, however they only presented solutions with excessive requirements.
  • Needed to validate their product ideas and hypotheses to attract investor funding.


  • Developed a coin counting component using AI and Computer Vision.
  •  Achieved an accuracy rate of over 99%, accurately identifying and tracking different count types in real time under varying lighting conditions and angles.
  • Seamless integration of the counting component with other parts of the system.
  • Faster and more accurate coin counting processes have led to a notable increase in user satisfaction.
  • SLM Holdings was able to differentiate themselves in the market, secure funding from investors and ramp up product development.


  • Select embedded hardware components like microcontrollers and cameras.
  • Gather diverse coin image data for training the machine learning model.
  • Implementation of a customized object detection model for accurate coin detection and tracking in real-time, adaptable to diverse lighting conditions and orientations.
  • Optimization of processing algorithms to meet the demands of real-time coin recognition, ensuring instantaneous display of total amounts.
  • Creation of an intuitive PiTFT touchscreen interface, optimized for functionality and simplicity, enabling seamless user control and unlocking the full potential of real-time coin recognition in digital banking.

Their expertise, also paired with his strong communication and collaboration skills, provided our team with great confidence in his ability to assist with our project and deliver high-quality results

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