Unlocking the Secrets of Advanced Computer Vision in Rubik’s Cube Solving

Opitas embarked on a transformative mission, seeking to elevate their mobile app’s capabilities through the integration of advanced computer vision technology. Recognizing the potential to revolutionize the realm of learning, Opitas collaborated with Gradient Insight, entrusting us with the task of augmenting their app’s features. This case study delves into the collaborative journey, with a specific focus on refining the user experience within the context of Rubik’s cube solving. Aiming to overcome challenges such as glare and shadows, Opitas presented us with a unique opportunity to showcase the power of innovative solutions in the intersection of education and technology.


  • Glare Mitigation: The app struggled with accurately interpreting images affected by glare, leading to compromised results.
  • Deep Shadows Handling: Images with deep shadows presented challenges in extracting meaningful information, impacting the overall user experience. 
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Despite considerations from other AI experts focusing on model choice rather than client benefits, the client chose to remain with us due to our pragmatic approach centered on delivering project success. Our unparallel expertise in computer vision ensured a specialized and effective enhancement for their app’s capabilities.


Gradient Insight spearheaded the evolution of the client’s app by deploying a cutting-edge solution that tackled intricate challenges such as glare and deep shadows through custom computer vision and machine learning techniques. Leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms, we meticulously refined the core functionality of the application. To combat glare, we employed a multi-faceted approach, integrating complex image processing algorithms that dynamically adjusted exposure levels and selectively filtered out glare artifacts. Simultaneously, we implemented a sophisticated shadow correction module utilizing cutting-edge models, enabling the app to discern and rectify intricate shadow patterns.

The Results


85% Glare Mitigation

Advanced algorithms significantly improved the app's interpretation of images affected by glare.

90% Deep Shadows Handling

Specialized algorithms enhanced the extraction of information from shadow-affected images.

App Success: 4.7 stars, 400k+ Downloads

Overall effectiveness surged from 60% to 80%, resulting in a 4.7 star App Store rating and over 400K downloads.

Sara Martins | CEO & Founder

Sara Martins | CEO & Founder

As the Director of Marketing and Operations at Gradient Insight, drives organizational success and growth by overseeing marketing efforts and optimizing operational activities.

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