AI 4 Everyone

Hiring a Data Scientists / Consultancy is expensive, but every business can benefit from AI. Our service automates the most useful applications of AI for your business, at a minimum cost, try them out for FREE!

Simple UI

Designed to be intuitive, it doesn't require any knowledge of AI.

You Can Create It

Using our building blocks, you can create your own application.

Premium Support

We will find the application that better suits your needs and design it for you, at the best price!

AI Is Incredibly Useful, But It Does NOT Need To Be Expensive

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning rely on data to create expert systems, without the need of a human expert. This flexibility makes them the perfect candidate for automating the the whole procedure. This is exactly what we are doing in this project. Reducing the cost and time of development as much as possible!

Diagram that shows how to how all the steps in the data science process from building a dataset to deployment
Machine Learning Pipeline

You can upload the data in any of the most common formats, which are:

  • (.csv) coma separated value and excel (.xlsx)
  • Unstructured (.txt)
  • (.json) or (.xml) structured elements
  • Databases (SQL, REST, …)

Visualize your data in our UI, select the most important elements and get rid of the useless ones.

Data cleaning & pre-processing (simply select from our blocks):

  • Remove incomplete entries (or complete them)
  • Word embedding

The first and sometimes most important task is to analyze your data. Our system will provide you interesting facts about your data and point you where to start looking.

In your data select the element that you want to predict (label), then our automatic training system will design and train a model that you can download!

You can contract one plans to run it in the cloud, you can choose your preferred interface:

  • Website
  • APP
  • API
  • etc

We will log the data for you, so you can continuously improve your system!

Once you have your system up and running, one of your experts can guide you towards the next step:

  • Fine-tune your model
  • Create a new application, with the data that you gathered from

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Very intuitive! I could analyze my data without the help of anyone, the default insights are pretty good, but I recommend the premium service.
photo of a man with a cup of coffee
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
I never thought that I could create an AI model by myself!
Zasha Swan
Zasha Swan
From Australia
I got access to the beta and I really like it! Going through the UI is a tutorial by itself.
man looking at the camera
Frank Jones
From Japan
I love the visualization tools, they don't provide too many options, but all of them are great!
image of man sitting on a desk, working on a computer
Jack Brownn
From London, UK